Dog Walking and Pet Visits

If your lifestyle, schedule or routine makes it tricky for you to walk your dog, I can do it for you and give you peace of mind that your doggie pal is being looked after in your absence. If you’re away for some time, I can take care of your dog in their own home. My aim is to help you and make your life easier.

Whether your dog is a cheeky Terrier, a curious Spaniel, an adventurous German Shepard or anything in between: I will tailor the level of exercise and care to their unique situation and provide an excellent service to both you and your dog.

Group Walks

My Group Walks are great fun for your dog(s). We all know how much dogs love to have a run, chase a ball, explore, get muddy, play and interact with humans and other dogs. If that sounds like your dog then they will LOVE my group walks. And best of all, you will come home to a happy, content and tired friend.

All my group walks are carried out in a professional and safe manner, and in groups no more than 6. I carefully select which dogs are suited to walk together, depending on size, age and energy levels. These walks are for at least an hour no matter what the weather.

Your dog will be out of the house for 1.5 hours, however, this could be slightly longer depending on how much fun we are having. I will pick up and drop off your dog, transport them to a safe off lead dog area where they will be exercised and socialised for the hour.

Treats, water and poop bags are provided. All I need is your dog(s).

Solo Walks

We all know that every dog is different, some are social creatures and like nothing more than a trip to the park/woods or run in a field with their friends. Other dogs are a little more timid or older and are best suited to an individual walk on or off the lead
Together we can determine at our first meeting what will be the best for your dog.

On these solo walks I have more capacity to alter the routes so that it best suits your dog and his/her needs.

Treats, water and poop bags are provided. All I need is your dog(s).

Puppy Visits

Puppies are very cute and cuddly, but are very demanding in the first few months and can’t be left alone for long periods. They usually need feeding at regular intervals, Regular trips to the toilet, short walks, playtime and plenty of sleep.

My puppy visits can include a short walk, from your house with a little basic training thrown in such as sit, down, wait and manners using positive reinforcement techniques.

Puppies are best walked individually at first but it’s very important for them to socialize at this critical stage of their lives. I am happy to introduce them when appropriate to a couple of my laid back older group dogs to help socialize them if you need and he/she is ready. This is a vital stage in their development and an hour’s walk can be very tiring and can put strain on your puppy’s growth plates and joints which could affect the way in which your puppy develops, and may affect them in later life.

I always make sure your puppy is comfortable and settled before I leave them to sleep.

Small Animal Visits

A small animal home visit is perfect if you are going away for the day or for a break (short or long) and wish your cat or small animal to stay in the comfort of their own home. I will come to your home, once or twice a day for up to 30 minutes per visit.

This service includes feeding, watering, playing with, cleaning of cat litter tray, hutches or whichever habitat your pet is in.

I will also water any plants, pick up your post and make sure your home is safe.